New Democratic Plan: Let’s Secede from the South

Why stop with the South? It’s time for the Dems to give up on white voters in general. Especially working class white men. Also anyone who hasn’t graduated from college. Just abandon ship and wait for the tide.

  • winniec

    Cultural Marxists ask the question: “Who will save us from European civilization?” They have selected Islam to save them. They invite those who hate European civilization the most into the city gates to destroy ‘the miserable house from within’ (as the Muslim Brotherhood wrote in their Grand Strategy for North America).
    White males are the ‘enemy’ of cultural Marxists and they must be stopped from reproducing their own kind at all cost! The strategy of the CMs is to replace all white people, since they are ‘unworthy’ to be Marxists.
    Unfortunately, Muslims are not Marxists either, but can pretend to be until they create a fascist theocratic dictatorship. At that point, the Marxists can be ‘dealt with’ and reduced to a few toiling souls working in small offices who get arrested periodically for no reason.

  • David

    Sounds like the easts attitude toward Alberta.

    • Except a lot of easterners have moved out there bringing their Liberal politics with them.

      • Exile1981

        Alberta and Quebec are also where immigration Canada is strongly encouraging new arrivals (ie muslim invaders) to settle so it shifts the demographics away from a unified Alberta.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Please. The red states will have all the oil and good jobs for the working-class Ulster Protestants who built America. The blue states can have all the copkillers and bad debt.

    The real reason the South wasn’t allowed to go the last time? Northern bankers were petrified the southern states would stiff them on their debts—including those using as collateral the slaves the bankers couldn’t legally own in their own states.