Liberal Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli should resign

TORONTO – Not only should Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli resign.

He will resign.

His performance Tuesday as he slammed provincial auditor general Bonnie Lysyk was shocking.

Now that voters have given the Liberals a majority, they’ve become arrogant.

In my years at Queen’s Park, I’ve never seen a politician suggest an auditor got it wrong.

Lysyk had just released her annual report, which included a scathing review on the smart meter program.

Chiarelli’s response was the political equivalent of patting her on the head, telling her it’s complicated and, well, what does she know.

  • Just a thought

    Love the photo. “Shumone ate your cookiesh? No I haven’t sheen them.”

  • Icebow

    Reminds me of the accursed Harry Reid.

  • Barry the Black Panther

    One very interesting aspect to ‘Smart meters’ is that landlords (liberal supporters) have neatly increased their profit margin by 25 to 40 % on each and every unit now controlled by a Smart meter within 2-3 years – Lawful rental increases have been completely ignored by this Liberal government and their supporters; landlords. Tenants have had Smart meters installed without their knowledge and subsequently because the readings are off the charts due to malfunctions, the police and landlords have entered apartments illegally with the expectation of finding crime … i.e. grow-ops , when in fact the Smart meters are Not working properly.

  • simus1

    Happened to watch the appalling slanted newscast on Global (minus sound) which covered the topic. Let’s just say the video shown gave “Queen’s Park Bob” every courtesy and lots of time to rebut his “attackers”.

  • barryjr

    Ontario voters got what they wanted. I tell NDP supporters in BC and Federal NDP and Liberal supporters if people truly didn’t want BC Liberals or Harper elected they would have voted against them. All those that didn’t vote were content with the way the government was or couldn’t be bothered to try and change it. Blame this group blame that group it all boil down to more people that were concerned about the way Ontario should be run voted Liberal in a higher proportion than in the previous election. The issue isn’t what the Wynne government is doing, it’s what the majority Ontario voters who are concerned enough to vote wanted. Unfortunately Wynne thinks that tax payers in the rest of Canada, who didn’t have a vote in this election, should pay for the stupidity of Ontario voters. Thanks Ontario.

    • Canadian Born

      I have to agree with you and I am from Ontario. The only problem is I did not vote for the Liberal party. Now all of us that did not vote for her and I use the term loosely have to pay the piper. I am glad Harper won’t meet with her and no other province should have to help either. I do feel sorry for us that did not vote for her but then our votes were not bought and paid for by that inept party.

  • Gary

    The Smart Meters in the USA are used by the Power Companies to collect information and sell it. The short version of it is that the WiFI power is weak and meant to relay info to the passing Power Co. vehicle reading the meter. Some systems use a WiFI signal box on a utility pole where each house has the Meter send the info to the next house and all the way down the streets to the box.
    But, the information for power use also shows your schedule and the peak power times. Combine this with the Census Form info and ZIP codes and you have a Consumer profile for income , family size and ages, assume TV watching times and laundry times.
    So what you say……..well this can be sold in blacks of 1000’s of addresses in ZIP code areas for TV Commercials or Telemarketing and Door-to-Door sales or even a Flyers catered to your income or family size.
    The meters act like a Office Computer system in a Daisy-chain set-up and relay the info from meter to meter and them to the WiFi pick-up box .

    Do you really believe that Wynne and McGuilty wanted the best for you and these Meters will save you money. STATS-CAN is honest and sells Info to Corporations based on the Postal Codes for what they request which was in the Census Forms. But I don’t trust the Ont Liberal Party and they are so far in Debt with no plan to stop over-spending that they will jump at the chance to sell your information for money to fund another GSA or Pro-hamas festival .
    The Province is dying and she can’t get the stupid Howdy Doody smile off her face as the suicide rates go up and we have more people living on the streets .

  • DMB

    With this Liberal government Bob Chiarelli will probably get a pay raise and firm pat on the back with congratulations from other Liberal MPP’s telling him job well done. Incompetency & corruption is always rewarded with this government.