ISIS release images of execution after man found guilty of sodomy

After dragging the man to the top of a building the mob threw him to his death after he was found guilty by an Islamic court of being gay

Chilling new images released by ISIS militants show a group of fighters throwing a man off the roof of a building for being gay.

Moments before he is flung to his death, a mob of at least eight men can be seen atop of the building that is believed to be somewhere in northern Iraq.

The images were posted on a jihadist website just hours after US senate report – described a ‘a stain’ on American values – revealed the sadistic abuse of CIA detainees in a network of secret prisons around the world…

It is not known whether the man died instantly after being thrown from the roof. The Islamic court ruled that he should also be stoned to death…

More at The Telegraph.

  • Clink9

    In Toronto they will still invite the ISIS float to be in the gay pride parade next year.

    • Gary

      True, and the two banks TD& BMO will still support PRIDE to be oh so Progressive and look so tolerant and inclusive. Premier Wynne is the one that fouyght ot allow the homophobic, jew-hating, anti-West , pro-hamas Mosque to be in the Valley Park public school just for the votes as a MPP and now Premier. Just this year in the USA there were 2 pro-sharia Muslim jihadists that tried to bomb gay bars, but the media was so scared of a terrorism attack on them if they told the truth that they were vague and let viewer infer it was those White Christians ( which are the real threat as they fly planes into buildings and behead co-workers) .
      Toronto had an Anti-ISIS rally as did Calgary , the 300’000 peaceful muslims in Toronto must have been busy because only 10 people showed up to it, and not 1 gay person among them.
      Calgary had just over 100 that included non-muslims , kinda sad when the Jew-hating pro-Hamas/ISIS rally had over 1000 of these savages show up and a few used sharia law on our soil to beat-up our women and their daughters.
      Know sharia
      NO peace

      • Justin

        Also, America, Canada and many other fagheaded and Anti-Christ Western countries are arming, funding and supporting these islamic jihadists in Sryia and elsewhere on the one hand, and spreading and financing “LGBTQ” immoral activism and other shameful sexual perversions such “gay marriage” or “gay pride parades” or “multiple false genders” to the rest of the world on the other. God almighty is SOOOO angry with the West and once He unleashes His Holy wrath, which may happen at any moment, it will be very, very, very bad indeed!

  • Hard Little Machine

    What? No video of them gang raping little girls and then beheading them?

  • roccolore

    But gay fascists are more offended by subway ads and too busy suing Christian businesses.