Iran says it has no information on alleged purchase of nuclear equipment

Arak heavy water nuclear plant.

(Reuters) – Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation said on Tuesday it had no information about the illicit procurement of equipment for the Arak research reactor as alleged in a report by a U.N. panel of experts and based on a briefing by a member country.

The panel, which monitors compliance with the U.N.’s Iran sanctions regime, said in a report seen by Reuters on Monday that Tehran’s illicit procurement of banned nuclear technology appeared to have continued in breach of sanctions.

The panel said it was briefed by a member state, which several diplomats identified as the United States, that it “had observed no recent downturn in procurement by Iran”.

The state in question had noted a “relative decrease in centrifuge-related procurement” but “an increase in procurement on behalf” of the Arak reactor, the report said.

Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation spokesman, Behrouz Kamalvandi, told the semi-official Fars news agency: “I don’t have any information on this issue”….

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