‘Immigration has to become a political issue’

Uppsala mosque. Photo: TT

Sweden’s politicians will fuel further segregation and the rise of the nationalist Sweden Democrats if they refuse to develop a new language on immigration, argues Mohammed Amin Kharraki, a teacher and spokesperson for Sweden’s Islamic Association…

…What we have a problem with here in Sweden is segregation. There is racism and it is still the case that people treat you differently if you are not blond.

As the Sweden Democrats continue to gain popularity, all the other political parties need to address this…

..If Sweden’s mainstream political parties refuse to address these issues then immigration will continue to be discussed on the Sweden Democrats’ terms and viewed as a costly burden for the country. Whereas it can bring plenty of benefits – for everyone living in Sweden.

Mohammed Amin Kharraki is a teacher and spokesperson for Sweden’s Islamic Association

He is being unrealistic.  The opposition to Islam is not going away.  Presumably, the ‘new language’ will consist of heavy censorship.

The leaders of the West have bet literally everything on the multicultural model — and in the case of Islam, it is a failure. No one was consulted, we were not asked.  The resentment will not disappear.