Ex-British Guantanamo Moazzam Begg inmate says CIA “torture” report won’t help

LONDON (Reuters) – A former British inmate of Guantanamo Bay said CIA “torture” of terrorism suspects, detailed in a U.S. Senate report on Tuesday, had fuelled violence and the rise of Islamic State and that cataloguing it wouldn’t help.

Moazzam Begg also said the release of the report, which included graphic details of “enhanced interrogation” techniques used by the Central Intelligence Agency, would do nothing to assuage anger about such actions across the Muslim world.

“I don’t think it will be teaching us anything we didn’t already know,” Begg told Reuters. “It doesn’t make anything better.”

He said examples cited in the report of brutality by CIA interrogators at secret prisons around the world “can only produce one result — false evidence, more hatred”.

The Senate report said the CIA used sexual threats, waterboarding and other harsh methods to interrogate terrorism suspects in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. It concluded the methods were ineffective…

Begg has been accused of associating with extremists, but so far, his protectors, including Amnesty International, stand by him. See Wiki. There is a lot of smoke there.

  • they should have killed this POS.

  • Xavier

    “It concluded the methods were ineffective…”

    Time to ratchet things up a couple notches, then.

    • Exile1981

      Yes the report classified beard shaving and music as torture.

      • Frau Katze

        Torture just isn’t what it used to be. Although I suspect Islamic State knows how to do it very well.

        • Exile1981

          I know – I consider torture things like car battery to the genitals, or breaking bones and setting them at angles they will heal useless, or pulling out finger nails with pliers.

          I mean if listening to sounds you don’t like and being force fed things you don’t want to eat is torture then technically Obama is a torturer; he keeps ramming crap down the throats of Americans and every time he talks people scream in pain and anguish.

          • Xavier

            These are enemy combatants, not American citizens; if they were Americans, Obama would have droned them already. The Geneva Convention does not protect them because they are not affiliated with a State or Nation; nothing prevents us, other than our own morals, from doing anything we please with them. And a little torture – real torture – can go a long way in protecting the country. Sure the un will complain, but that’s just icing on the cake.

        • Maggat

          Seems to me that the islamist just bypass the torture and get right to the killing.

  • Edubeat

    If his mugshot (above) is any indication of the IQ inside his cranium you have nothing to worry about from his executive functions

  • Sir Barrington Minge

    I’m amused by the torrent of comment on this CIA report.
    People seem to be utterly surprised that this was going on and that Americans could possibly be involved.
    Time to grow up people. Do you really believe that terrorist suspects are simply locked up in nice cosy cells and asked polite questions by smiling men over a cup of coffee and a sandwich.