British Reporter: Palestinians Prevented Israeli Medic From Aiding PA Official and Convicted Terrorist Ziad Abu Ein

A British television news reporter has revealed that Palestinian demonstrators near the West Bank village of Turmusaya prevented an Israeli medic from providing aid to a Palestinian Authority official who collapsed after he shoved and verbally abused Israeli officers on the scene.

h/t Minicapt

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I would say this is a “win” for team good.

  • mobuyus

    Well of course he is worth dead to them than alive.

  • Just a thought

    I wonder if he’s really dead? Sometimes with those guys it’s hard to tell.

    I mean, it’s not like they lie or anything, is it?

  • Alain

    How long before this reporter is disowned and attacked by the MSM who will make sure the story is buried?

  • Petrilla

    He never was hit with a rifle butt, he had a heart attack and died. They would not allow a FEMALE Israeli medic near him. He was worth more dead than alive in their sick idea of public relations. He was a terrorist, wasn’t he?. No big loss. That is the way they look at it in their very sick warped view. Much like the babies they drag from the dead pile and make a movie to sway very stupid westerners, who still haven’t got a clue that life means nothing to them. Only Islam does and they will do ANYTHING to achieve victory over us. Get it, yet? A lot of us do get it and wonder why our normally smart Canadian fellows don’t.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Har Har Bunch of goofs. 🙂