Am I the only person who thinks this is cringe-makingly un-presidential?

Obama rips Fox News, mocks himself on the Colbert Report. Video at link.

  • I bet Obama thinks exactly that.

  • G

    You could write a book on this attitude. Anything traditional, like the dignity of the presidential office is something to be belittled and destroyed with this guy and his allies.

    They have lived their lives in wealth and comfort but sneer at the virtues that created that wealth and comfort originally.
    Obama is a damaging symptom not the disease itself.

  • BillyHW

    He’s an un-President.

  • Dana Garcia

    Obasma would rather be hip than presidential.

  • David Murrell

    A feminist a number of years ago wrote a book entitled “As women become stronger, men watch more football”. A catchy title, somewhat true perhaps.
    But that book reminds me of President Obama. One could write a book entitled, “As the West’s enemies become stronger, and as the world deteriorates, Obama hobnobs with his Hollywood cronies”.

    All of this happened two days ago. As oil markets roiled, as the world teeters on a recession, as genocidal wars continue in Iraq-Syria, as the U.S. goes further into debt, and as the Democrats lose another Senate seat (in Louisiana), Obama chums it up with pro-Democrat pal Stephen Colbert. Similarly, as Europe goes into another recession, and with Germany in economic trouble, Obama’s hired corrupt thug, Attorney General Eric Holder. takes a major German bank to court over some trumped-up charge.

    So when things get bad, Obama does only what he knows: to grease Hollywood cronies, and use his corrupt justice system to go after innocent people. Obama is mentally and morally incapable of doing anything else. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He’s a joke his Presidency is a joke.

  • Freedom

    771 Days left of Obama

  • DMB

    Obama just enjoys the title and prestige that comes with the presidency without the responsibility and repercussions that come with it.