Video: Muslim Terrorists Play Slapsies To The Amusement Of Other Muslim Terrorists

The prisoners are Al Nusra Muslims held by ISIS but who knows for sure.

IN other Ummah news…

ISIS Muslims behead another Muslim for being insufficiently Muslim

ISIS Beheading

  • winniec

    More Islamic than thou!
    ISIS actually is more Islamic, more Salafist and more Wahhabist than the present-day House of Saud, so they claim the divine right to destroy all governments. This is politics led by religious doctrine: theocratic fascism. The only acceptable point of view for them is to join ISIS unreservedly. They are self-consciously imitating Mohammed and his 7th century gangsters but without the camels.

    • Frau Katze

      They’re happy to use modern weapons, otherwise it’s straight 7th century.

    • ISIS is the lived koran, make no mistake.

    • Justin

      Shame on America, Canada and the West who supported this islamic terrorists in Libya, Egypt and now in Syria. America and the West dishonored and abandoned Mubarak, their most important ally in the middle east who the kept the peace and suppressed islamic terrorists in that region for over thirty years and backed the “muslim brotherhood” terrorists instead.

  • Dana Garcia

    The rhythmic chant ‘n’ slap is quite fascinating.

    Could the ISIS boyz be developing a new form of rap, designed with the modern jihadist in mind?