UK Telegraph: ‘Hillary Clinton’s money isn’t the problem. Our sexist and outdated attitudes are’

Hillary Clinton is rich. Like, seriously rich. She earns around $300,000 (£192,000) per speech, she’s said to have received a $14 million (£9m) advance for her memoir, and she’s in the top one-hundredth of America’s top one per cent of earners.

But apparently she has a “money problem”.

Not in the way most of us do – Clinton definitely has enough money to last a lifetime and then some. Her “problem”, as the critics say, is that she’s earning so much that it might harm her if she decides to run for the presidency…

…Would we be having this conversation if Clinton were a man? I doubt it. Her ‘money problem’ exists not because she’s (very) wealthy, but because she’s a very wealthy woman.

Rich male politicians are the norm. You only have to look at the well-tailored suits on display at a UN conference to see that. Admittedly, men who earn above a certain threshold are scrutinised too – but it’s less for their money, and more for their outdated attitudes. They’re subjected to the ‘milk bottle test’ simply to check they’re in tune with the reality of our daily lives.

What’s happening to Clinton is different. Her earnings are getting so much attention because she’s female, and we still live in a society where it is unusual to see a woman earning six figures an hour – especially if she isn’t standing on a stage in a spangly bra…

The so-called ‘conservative’ UK Telegraph.