This should be fracking good news!

Everyone is so excited about the global warming conference in Lima, Peru!

OK, not everybody. But the thousands of professional diplomats, bureaucrats and media stenographers that make up the bulk of the global warming industry are. They love these annual get-togethers. And they’re almost always at an exotic, far-away location – dream vacation spots that they would never get to on their own budgets.

And almost all of them in tropical hot spots – Bali, Cancun, Rio. You’d almost think they loved global warming, especially each December.

But for the rest of us who merely pay for this global feast through our taxes, it’s fair to ask: What for?

  • The biggest thing an individual can do for global warming is be vegan.

    If all the food at this conference is not vegan then the entire lot of them are bunch of hypocritical greenie weenies.

    It would also help if they came by sail boat.

    • I just know they all are!

    • Exile1981

      The menu
      Tofu Lobster bisk,

      Vegan hand gathered greens

      Solar distilled water


      I also see that the far lefties from Canada are going and demanding that the give us a shame award again for not slitting our own throats.

  • Exile1981

    I think that nexts years conference should be held in Zama City or Yellowknife, lets see how big a turnout they have then.

  • Clink9

    Why won’t they help shovel some my Global Warming from my driveway in January? It would be much closer than Peru.

  • Brett_McS

    Well done us! “Australia ranked worst-performing developed nation of climate policy”

    “Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom are the top-ranked nations in the survey. Australia and Saudi Arabia share the bottom four slots with Canada and Kazakhstan.”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This is what heats up Lima, as I am sure the delegates are researching.

  • RevnantDream

    To them they are our betters, how dare we ask what they do on paid vacations by tax dollars

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    So, I’m not clear, is Harper spending any tax money sending anyone to this crap fest?

  • ntt1

    I’m looking forward to what kind of dim bulb street theatrics the leftoids come up with this year. Marxists love big puppets and love for the big thing seems to be an almost Stalinist art statement, last time at rio they had all kinds of outsize water toys and packs of polar bears in drip dry terry cloth roamed the pool parties. if these people were home they would only be throwing bricks through windows .

  • Global warming conferences are the rich dictating what’s what to the poor.

    Surely a social justice activist has seen this.

    China has no intention (and never will) clean up its act. Obama needed to look like he was doing something and someone needed a cudgel with which to whack Canada.

    This whole thing is the stuff of parody.