Surprise! Muslim world ‘outraged’ with UK court decision

A leading counter terrorism expert told Sputnik UK in an exclusive interview that the 12 year jail sentence handed to a man in Britain whose mother informed police after he travelled to Syria, could lead to the radicalisation of more Muslims.

Hamed El-Said, Professor in International Business and Political Economy at Manchester Metropolitan University, says the judge made a “Big mistake”.

“Basically it’s a form of deceit, a form of literally entrapping individuals to give information about people who are trying to come back from Syria, or even trying to go there. Instead of doing what you promised to do if they give you information, you’re letting them down”.

Professor Hamed El-Said Muslim is attending an international conference on countering violent extremism in Abu Dhabi. He says Muslim communities throughout the world will have heard about the decision by a British judge to imprison a man whose mother informed police about his whereabouts. This decision, according to El-Said, will take a long time for the Muslim community to recover from:

“It will undermine societal community a great deal and will even further radicalise individuals. It will just give them the message that officials are not really genuine about this, not really interested in helping individuals return, they just have their own priority which is completely different.

“I’m afraid it was a big mistake and now this is in the public eye, almost every Muslim in the UK and Europe knows about this; I think it will take a while to recover from this incident alone”.


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  • DVult

    Throw this dick in jail too.

  • winniec

    Islam is deceit.

    • RevnantDream

      Its Satans tool for oppressing & blinding mankind

  • Barry the Black Panther

    I detest the sentence – it should be tripled followed by immediate deportation by air drop … for the whole gang.

  • winniec

    ‘My son is a good boy’, say all mothers of sons who have broken the law. The fact that they are considerate to their mothers has little to do with treason, murder, perjury, etc. Her son is alive and in jail and he is being punished for TREASON against his country!

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      My son is a good boy too, and through the magic of the U.S. military recruiting system, he has killed more Mujahideen than ever year of life he has had on this earth.

      He thinks you Muslim foreign fighters are all a bunch of sissies and died screaming and rolling around on the ground like “little bitches” as you were bleeding out.

      He asks, as of a few minutes ago (I just got off the phone with him): “how do you like your virgins now?”
      He hates you and looks forward to meeting more of you through the sighting mechanism of a CROWS II gunnery system.

      • Exile1981

        Your son sounds so well brought up; hopefully mine grow up that well mannered as well.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          If you try, and put forth the effort, and set a good example, he will.

  • Mambo

    Send them all back to their caves is the best solution.

  • Alain

    Perhaps I missed it, but I simply cannot recall when Muslims are not offended and outraged.

    • Exile1981

      dead ones have generally not shown any outrage when asked in person, though they do tend to still manage to vote democrat.

      • Frau Katze