Support for nationalists swells in Sweden

Fans of Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson. Photo: TT

The number of Swedes intending to vote for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has shot up according to a new poll by YouGov released on Monday.

The poll suggested that if there had been an election last week, almost 18 percent of voters would have selected the nationalist party, compared with 13 percent who chose to vote for them at the last general election.

Support for Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s party dipped slightly, with 29.6 percent of people saying they would vote for the Social Democrats, compared with 31.1 percent in September.

The study also suggested that all of the centre-right parties are experiencing a small drop in voter support.

“It is clear that the Sweden Democrats could benefit from an early election,” said Stina Morian from YouGov in a statement…

  • Blacksmith

    They have a LOONG way to go but there are signs of sanity emerging, We will have to wait and see what happens. It will take a lot of people pulling their heads out of the sand for this to be of benefit.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Great. First they were Nazi collaborators. Then they became socialists. Then they became Muslim extremists now they’re going back to being Nazis.

  • The recent riots and fire bombings should help the SD’s increase their standing in the coming election.