St. Louis Post-Dispatch turns off comments on editorials. ‘Why? Ferguson.’

The editorial board of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch announced Monday in an editorial that it’s turning off comments in the editorial section.



Last Sunday, we challenged our region to have the serious discussion on race that it has been avoiding for decades. Such difficult discussions are made more challenging when, just to present a thoughtful point of view, you have to endure vile and racist comments, shouting and personal attacks.

It’s a two-month experiment, the editorial reports, and you can still comment in the news section. But “We intend to use our opinion pages to help the St. Louis region have a meaningful discussion about race. So we are going to turn off the comments in the editorial section for a while, and see what we learn from it.”

Tony Messenger, the Post-Disptach’s editorial page editor, said most of the reactions he’d seen so far on Monday supported the experiment. He did get emails from his daily emailers, and they weren’t happy, but he expected that. Last, week, the editorial page asked readers to help find solutions to the difficult issues around race that exist in St. Louis, and “that is really hard to have when the first comment under any sort of a letter or editorial is something that degrades the conversation rather than elevates it”….

In other words, if you do not take the standard line, then you are not ‘having a conservation’ but ‘degrading’ the conservation.  Sounds like Pravda to me.