St. Louis Post-Dispatch turns off comments on editorials. ‘Why? Ferguson.’

The editorial board of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch announced Monday in an editorial that it’s turning off comments in the editorial section.



Last Sunday, we challenged our region to have the serious discussion on race that it has been avoiding for decades. Such difficult discussions are made more challenging when, just to present a thoughtful point of view, you have to endure vile and racist comments, shouting and personal attacks.

It’s a two-month experiment, the editorial reports, and you can still comment in the news section. But “We intend to use our opinion pages to help the St. Louis region have a meaningful discussion about race. So we are going to turn off the comments in the editorial section for a while, and see what we learn from it.”

Tony Messenger, the Post-Disptach’s editorial page editor, said most of the reactions he’d seen so far on Monday supported the experiment. He did get emails from his daily emailers, and they weren’t happy, but he expected that. Last, week, the editorial page asked readers to help find solutions to the difficult issues around race that exist in St. Louis, and “that is really hard to have when the first comment under any sort of a letter or editorial is something that degrades the conversation rather than elevates it”….

In other words, if you do not take the standard line, then you are not ‘having a conservation’ but ‘degrading’ the conservation.  Sounds like Pravda to me.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “We intend to use our opinion pages to help the St. Louis region have a meaningful discussion about race. So we are going to turn off the comments in the editorial section for a while, and see what we learn from it.”

    I do not think that word “discussion” means what he thinks it means.

    • Xavier

      It means exactly what it always means to liberals:
      “We speak, you listen”.

    • David Murrell

      DbN: I was going to reprint the above quote, as irony, as to the imicilic mentality behind the Post Dispatch’s move. But you beat me to it.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Next time I’ll let you go first! 😉

    • Ed Ellison

      A few more words don’t mean what he thinks they do either.
      Words like fair, objective, meaningful.

    • Uncle_Waspy

      Meaningful discussion = parroting the pc Narrative

    • A liberal discussion means, liberals get their say and all other opinions are “hate speech”.

  • Observer
  • winniec

    Most comments in blogs are of a very low quality anyway. ‘Gut reactions’ by uninformed, unprepared people are usually wrong, though sincere. When they get facts and details, they change their initial perceptions. Cops have a tough job to do. I believe an all black police force would observe the same protocols to defend the lives of the officers. It’s sad, but USA is awash with handguns. Cops can’t take the chance of second-guessing or they’d be dead in that moment. Don’t argue with a man holding a handgun if he has a badge. If he doesn’t have a badge, run.

    • Uncle_Waspy

      Yeah, it’s that pesky “handgun problem” again. These handguns are just floating around the streets at night indiscriminately murdering people.

      Isn’t it strange that a state like Vermont is awash in handguns, has very liberal gun laws, and yet has a dramatically lower per capita gun homicide rate than a state like Illinois – which has very strict gun control? I guess it’s a mystery.

      If only those silly Americans would abolish the 2nd Amendment! Then the streets would be safe.

    • Minicapt

      “… the USA is awash in handguns” … in the possession of Negro gang-bangers.


  • Raymond Hietapakka

    “…and see what we learn from it…”? Whether or not the Public will be outraged or just be gutless after being denied a previous open forum? Is this a test, for an Obamster Fatwah on this move, making this halal across America? Don’t they have any rules for posting, like 99% of other websites?

  • David Murrell

    One of liberals’ many shortcomings is an intolerance to dissenting peoples’ opinion. This is a universal trait, from a Communist state, to sociology classes, to Islamist states (see the cartoon on this thread), to the CBC web page.

    What is interesting is that, years ago, our media cartel made the move to allow readers’ comments, in readers’ comments sections, beneath posted articles. This was a strange decision — it opened up the media cartel’s pages to dissenting opinion — and it went against the fundamental liberal trait of disseminating one-sided viewpoints as propaganda. Old line newspapers still censor letters-to-the-editors, to reflect the newpapers dominant liberal opinion (e.g., the Globe and Mail’s letters section should be entitled the “I agree with you” section).
    So now, given that the media cartel monopolizea opinion, the decision to close comments section will continue apace.

    The reason the Post Dispatch closed their comments section is because this newspaper supports the racist, anti-white position that armed black gangs, committng violent crime, should be tolerated — and that police moves against violent black gangs should be opposed. Clearly this racist view — that the newspaper supports — is untenable, and is not supported by the public. So the newspaper shuts fown the comments section.

    Comments sections allow for democratic, bottom-up viewpoints. Can’t have that in a totalitarian world, can we?

  • Xavier

    Editorially, the Post-Dispatch peddles the mandatory narrative while what appear to be a large majority of its readers know it is lying. Readers, seeing the comments of other readers, learn that they are not alone in their disgust: Lateral communication. This may have consequences.

    • David

      Reporters understand the rules perfectly. You do not, not ever, criticize Israel.

      Lost me there.

      • Xavier

        Yeah, that bothered me too. Try another article – most are pretty good. The Ferguson one’s non-PC.

  • Clausewitz

    Here in Canada I am troubled by the proposed Cyberbullying Act. Just how long will it take for the shiny pony to declare that any criticism of him or his party is Cyberbullying. The laws of unintended consequences even will hamper this Bill put for ward by the CPC. Seems everyday I wake up a new freedom has been taken.

  • They will lose hits. Comments will be back in no time.

    • Pete_Brewster

      Yeah, well. Their readers won’t.

  • RevnantDream
  • Pete_Brewster

    People who live in the real world are having that meaningful discussion about race. The hacks at the Post-Dispatch are free to join in at any time.