‘Racist’ Angelina Jolie should be banned from Japan

Country furious with star’s directorial debut Unbroken because of depiction of WW2 prisoner of war camps

Must have been misunderstanders of Japan who committed the atrocities.

  • Xavier

    The comment link on the Post-Dispatch story is broken.

    • It is working for me, there is only one link – the last sentence in the post.

  • simus1

    The brutal basic training regime of the Japanese Imperial Army had a lot in common with training attack dogs, lots of abuse and frustration brought to a high pitch then releasing them against the weak and helpless to whet their ferocity for taking on even bigger game. The quiet ill fed sons of simple Japanese rice farmers became monsters.

    The Japanese occupation of China was simplicity itself. Because the country was so densely populated, any travel movement consisting of more than a few people was impossible without being detected by someone. When patrolling Japanese forces came under attack from Chinese irregulars and they had not received any prior warning by the local populace, Japanese reinforcements would later pour into the surrounding areas where they took revenge via extremely bloody and massive atrocities. The result was that support for any anti Japanese guerrilla activity collapsed over wide areas of occupied China and keeping local order could be left to collaborators.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Does it show the Cannibalism of POWs and some of the “Comfort Women”?

    They ate them, many of them.
    ‘Killed the “healthy” ones for food, and on occasion butchered them alive.
    If it does not show that, then the Japanese should be thankful they were let off easy.



    • The Japanese got off very lightly in respect to war crimes, no question.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        They really did get off easy!
        We should be talking just as much about their evil deeds as we do of the Nazis, because in most cases, they were even more depraved than the Nazis ever thought of being.

        • The Rape of Nanking comes to mind.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Yep, and that was just a warm-up act!

  • David Murrell

    One story about Japanese militaty sadism has to do with the imediate afternath of the U.S. defence of Wake Island. The U.S. had reinforced the island (due west of Hawaii) with marines. Immediately after the Pearl Harbour attack, the Japanese attacked Wake Island. But the marines put up a stout defence, sinking one or two ships, and inflcting far more casualties on the Japanese than the marines themselves had suffered. But the Japanese felt humiliated given the couragous defence — and after the U.S. surrender (the U.S. force was far outnumbered), the Japanese took one or two captured U.S. soldiers and beheaded them. (Left undiscussed was the fact that the Japanese also capture scores of U.S. civilian construction workers — and they were killed out of hand by the ruthless enemy).

    Which leads me to my disgust of ISIS. In so many ways these evil people resemble the Japanese military, and the Nazi German miltary as well.

    • We have to fight ISIS and Iran, Saudi,Pakistan et al in exactly the same way we fought WW II – Unconditional Surrender, no quarter.

  • The old imperial Japanese got what was coming to them.

    The new democratic Japanese need to forget the nostalgia for the old imperial Japan.

    • There is still an Imperialist Rump that exists, surprising after all these years.

  • Thank you President Truman, you gave ’em hell. God bless the Enola Gay. My dad was aboard ship in the Philippines that August and never had to face the Kamikaze or horror on the mainland.

  • Frances

    Or, to quote an old family friend: “It’s not that I dislike the Japanese; it’s just that I lost a lot of friends at Hong Kong.”

  • This movie will be SUPER popular in South Korea, China, Indonesia, Australia- all the places in which the Japanese were barbarians.

  • RevnantDream

    its racism today to imply anyone but whites can be monsters

  • Morticiaa

    The japs hideous recorded well documented actions in prison camps
    Is there to be likely rewritten by the pansies of left wing history remaking
    Haven’t seen the film yet but I doubt she took too many liberties with their hideous history
    I’ve made the cranes but I still believe the two bombs were well deserved
    I also don’t think for one instant we should have apologized or ever compensated the CanJaps who were rounded up during ww2 and put into summer camp living situations in BC

    • Minicapt

      Remember, those Canadian internment camps gave us Dr David Suzuki. We have been punished …