PA: Gaza Health Ministry stole medical aid in summer conflict

Palestinian paramedics carry a man wounded in a strike at a marketplace in the Shejaiya neighborhood, as he arrives at a hospital in Gaza City on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 (photo credit: AFP/ Mohammed Abed)

The Palestinian Authority on Sunday accused the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry of having stolen medical equipment and medications that the PA sent during the summer conflict to assist the Strip’s overburdened hospitals, the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported.

In a fierce condemnation of its Gaza counterpart, a spokesman for the PA Health Ministry charged that Hamas was preventing volunteers from cleaning up garbage that piled up at Gaza’s public hospitals following a strike of its janitorial staff who had not been paid for months. He further said that Hamas had created a “new department” at the Kerem Shalom crossing that taxed all supplies — including medical aid — entering the Gaza Strip, and that since the formation of the Palestinian unity government, Gaza ministry officials have been withholding funds.

During the summer conflict, the PA ministry sent large shipments of medical aid, but “didn’t know where those medicines were distributed and who benefited from them,” PA Health Ministry spokesman Osama al-Najjar told a Ramallah press conference…

  • ontario john

    Look in the united church offices, its probably hidden there.

  • Blacksmith

    Dishonest Palestinians? Cant be it must be those evil joos behind it.

    • Achmed

      I read it in Inspire. That is true!

      They used their satanic satellites each containing a demonic Jinn to beam microwave messages into the brains of those in Gaza and forced them to take the medical supplies against their will!

      You will read in the holy Q’uran about the evil Jinn set against the faithful by the people of the book which is why they all must be subjegated.

      The World must send Gaza and the Palestinian Authority billions of dollars more preferably in gold and diamonds to make up the losses caused by the zionist satellites put up in the sky! People are sick and starving so please send the gold and diamonds today or you are all genocidal racists. Abbas says so!

      • Blacksmith

        Well it must have been the Joos that gathered the Jinn to put them on the satellites then…..
        By the way thanks I needed the laugh, that was well done.

        • Achmed

          Well it’s only logical. And Mohammed invented the discipline of logic as well as mathematics and science.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Well, the PA wanted a unity government with Hamas knowing Hamas’s record of lawlessness. So this complaint rings hollow.