New ISIS video targets Canada

An extremist from Ottawa is featured in an ISIS video and threatens Canada’s freedom.

  • Girón

    Is that from the peaceful Islamic department’s propaganda?

    • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

      Tarek is a good person, but, a shitty Muslim.

      Investing hope in the moderate Islam he speaks of is, to me at least, like stocking up on unicorn feed.

      Here’s Tarek with a big can of Labatt’s Blue and an ‘It’s Five O’clock Somewhere’ shirt.

      Again, Tarek is a good person, but, a shitty Muslim.
      Truth be told, I’d happily grab a beer with him.
      Judging by the smile in the photo, I assume the empty beer can in the background is his as well. 😉

      • Linda1000

        That’s a great shirt, though and the occasional beer is probably good for his health. That Mubin Shaikh guy is full of hot air and should go chill on an Arctic iceberg.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Speaking of Tarek, I stumbled upon this on his daughter Natasha’s Twitter feed.
    I don’t always agree with Tarek, but, I do have to say that Mubin Shaikh is a real piece of work……..