Mum sues France after teen son leaves for jihad

French jihadists fighting in Syria. Whose fault is it that they are allowed to leave?

A French mother is suing the French state, who she blames for the fact her teenage son was able to breeze through border patrol with a simple ID card and go unchallenged about his final destination – the front lines in Syria.

Who should shoulder the blame for jihadists leaving France to fight in Syria and Iraq? For one French mum, there’s no doubt who is responsible.

The mother filed the lawsuit with a Paris court in November – about a year after the 16-year-old caught a plane to Turkey before making his way to Syria – accusing police of neglecting to question him about why he was travelling alone and why he was travelling without a passport.

“I hold the state responsible for my son’s departure,” she said, implying that such questions might have prevented him from leaving French territory…

  • Mietopol

    No court should even consider such idiotic lawsuit. Aren’t parents responsible for their children ?

  • Ottawa Eyes
  • mauser 98

    like suing Playboy for carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Jason

    In a socialist-leaning state like France (California? Ontario?), where the darn government/bureaucracy is huge and bloated, and has its sticky little fingers in all aspects of its citizen’s lives, I suppose there is a kind of sense to suing the government as she is doing. After all, we owe pretty well everything, both the bad and the good, to our Beloved Parents, the State – don’t we? It takes care of us from cradle to grave ….
    And we expect SERVICE! Hmm, maybe I can sue about that late income tax refund the other year, or the fact that the sidewalks aren’t plowed in a timely fashion.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      You should have sued for it snowing in the first place!

  • tom_billesley

    No talk of suing Turkey for letting him enter?
    I don’t believe that he would be able to travel on scheduled airlines without a passport.