Montrealer charged with terror offence was planning ‘something big,’ says Crown

MONTREAL – A 36-year-old Montrealer was arraigned Monday on a terrorism charge for allegedly planning “something big,” says the Crown.

The Crown opposed bail for Nejib Belhaj-Chtioui, a Tunisian-born Canadian and father of two.

A source familiar with the investigation told QMI Agency that police were tipped off to bomb-making blueprints that were posted to the Internet in 2011.

Police had obtained a warrant in August 2013 and notified Belhaj-Chtioui” that he would be arrested upon his return, says the source.

Police handcuffed him and took him off of a plane when it arrived from his native Tunisia at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport on Sunday.

Crown attorney Lucie Martineau said the case involves “behaviour that would lead one to suspect terrorist activity.”

“There are two charges regarding a reasonable apprehension that a terrorist activity could have occurred,” she said. “The police officer had reasonable apprehensions that some things could occur and something big.”

  • David Murrell

    The Islamist-sympathetic CBC National only reported on the arrest at about the 19 minute mark of Peter Mansbridge’s broadcast — and the fool gave only one sentence to this event. So CBC News didn’t think it newsworthy, or important enough, to assign a reporter to do a story on this. Ho hum, yawn — that’s CBC News’s take on this.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Its long past time Harper sold al Ceebeera off.

  • RevnantDream

    lets all send a note of thanks to immigration for letting scum like this in here

  • john700

    Simple questions: Why wasn’t he on a no-fly list? Where CSIS people on the plane, keeping an eye on him?