Mass Rapes at UC Berkeley?

Just days after a new California law redefining rape came into effect, several shocking but unsubstantiated rape allegations have been leveled against fraternities on the UC Berkeley campus.

One stunning university police report cites accusations of a mass rape at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, where not just one but five victims were supposedly drugged and raped on the same night at the frat house near campus.

In another allegation, a specific perpetrator was named, arrested, and shamed publicly — only to be later declared “factually innocent” as the rape charge was quietly dropped, after his reputation was ruined.

Suspiciously, in most of the cases the charges were not made by victims or witnesses, but rather by third parties long after the fact.

  • Minicapt

    If there isn’t enough traffic at your rape support centres, steps must be taken.


  • Ottawa Eyes

    The Gender Studies Faculty has been warning students of the overwhelming number of cases of Visual Rape™ and how to spot it and report it.

  • When you win a prize for telling a lie, there will be lots of lairs.

  • That sounds more and more like the satanic ritual murders hysteria from the 1980’s. I suspect the feminazis will end up with eggs on their faces.