Israeli stabbed in New York Chabad headquarters

The attacker, who appears in a video speaking English with a heavy accent, was shot by police who arrived at the scene, after he refused to put down his weapon.

He was evacuated to a hospital under arrest, and was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital, police told local New York media.

A witness told the New York Daily News that the suspect entered the complex screaming: “I will kill the Jew, I want to kill the Jew.”

A Chabad spokesperson said the attack was most likely not terror-related.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it had nothing to do with islam. I blame global warming.

    • It likely is a crazy person in this instance.

      • Zaba

        Why likely?

  • favill

    I thought Jews were suppose to possess high intellect? W.T.F? Don’t they realize if they keep lying to us (Gentiles who support Jews and Israel), they will start losing our support? I don’t know of anybody who likes being lied to. (unless it’s a fat chick who’s told she’s “curvy” and desirable).

    • I suspect the assailant will likely be proven to have had a history of mental illness.

      • Zaba

        Most likely due to the ‘heavy accent’, no doubt.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Not terror-related. History of mental illness. Nobody’s fault.

    And I’m Marie of Romania.

  • History of mental illness- without Islamic Jihad it’s like Asparagus without the Hollandaise.

  • Zaba

    Smitten in the neck.
    Now where have I heard that recommended……?

  • Stop the presses! Black man shot by the police! Must be yet another instance of the war against black men.