ISIS recruits: Cooking and cleaning is the reality facing fighters

LAST week Indian student Areeb Majeed was just one of several recruits who found out the hard way what life fighting for IS is really like.

Majeed travelled to Iraq to join the Islamic State group in May only to return home disillusioned after jihadists made him clean toilets and do other menial jobs…

…And he is not the only one.

Letters published in a French newspaper last week reveal several of the estimated 376 French fighters with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) were bored, terrified or otherwise “fed up” with the gruelling reality of their jihad in Syria.

Not only did fighters complain about the winter conditions but one remarked how he was missing the simpler things in life, like his iPod working.

“I’m sick and tired. My iPod doesn’t work anymore,” one recruit wrote. “I have to return.”

Another wrote how he was sick of doing other people’s dirty work…