Fahrenheit211: ‘Life for a woman in a British Islamic ghetto’

Alum Rock neighbourhood in Birmingham, England

I came across this piece when I was mooching round the internet and it struck a chord with me. This ‘From Elsewhere’ piece comes from what appears to be a short lived blog-site from 2013 called ‘Muslim Ghettos’, and details the horrendous lives that non-Muslims endure living amongst hostile, often violent and aggressive Muslims.

The account that, for want of a better word, attracted me was this one from a female student living in Leicester, a city where Islam is increasingly, and aggressively, calling the shots.

The reason this piece chimed with me is a few years back I had a short debate with someone of my acquaintance who was quite active in the pro-diversity/left community in Leicester.

The reason for our conversation was it had come to my knowledge that some local Jews in the area were getting hassle presumably, knowing the demographic of Leicester, from some extremist Muslims…

Imagine if you were a nineteen year old female student and had moved to an area in Leicester, which was almost exclusively inhabited by muslims who had not integrated into Westernised society. Imagine being unable to leave the house unless either chaperoned by a male housemate or if wearing a long hooded coat with your hood pulled close around your face. Imagine despite covering yourself up as much as you could, you still got spat at, had to listen to torrents of abusive, aggressive and intimidating comments while walking past an Islamic video rental shop full to the brim with hostile looking men, had to endure dirty looks from men/women/children to the point of doors being closed as you walked along…


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  • I have no idea why people wish to replicate the crapholes they left.

  • Hello. The account is about me. I am delighted people are picking up on it. Could you do me a favour and please link to my account though and not where it goes to at the moment? Please link directly to here…http://muslimghettos.blogspot.com/2013/09/muslim-ghetto-in-leicester.html Thanks a lot.