Dhimmi Senators Challenge Salim Mansur’s Views On Islamist Threat

“At homes and around family gatherings, political discussions abound as families remain tied to their native lands and cultures despite having settled in Canada,” said the India-born Mansur, a long-time public critic of multiculturalism.

“The exposure of Muslims on Fridays during communal prayers to sermonizing from pulpits by imams of political situations in Muslim lands and Muslims as victims of the U.S. foreign policy, of Jews and Zionism and of Hindus in India. This is a combustible atmosphere.”

His appraisal appeared to startle some senators.

“I know many wonderful and amazing remarkable Muslim people, Canadians and otherwise,” said Liberal committee member Sen. Grant Mitchell. “When you say that mosques are the incubators of Islamism, surely you’re not saying that they all are?”

Mansur didn’t back down.

Of course a vote whoring Liberal Hack Senator will naturally know more about Islam than a Muslim.