Cherson & Molschky: Jihad in Paradise

A resort in the Malidives

If there is Paradise on Earth- we found it.

photoMosque in the Maldives

Such words quite often come from people returning from Maldives. And it is true: shiny, white sand; the deep blue water of the infinity pool fading into the pure turquoise of the ocean and the azure of the sky; beautiful sunrises and even more beautiful sunsets….

There is only one problem; most of the population of the Maldives is Muslim. It would be strange if the overall radicalization of Islam did not touch Maldivian Muslims; and it did.

Tension is growing in Maldives. Adepts of “pure Islam” attack their opponents more and more. Methods are the same as usual; threats, beatings… Lately however, they’ve begun resorting to more serious measures…

  • wallyj180

    Sure it is revolting, but there is nothing to worry about.

    Maldives is sinking and should be gone in about – 5 years or something like that.
    The only thing that will save them is ‘climate change’ funds and/or allah.

  • winniec

    They’re going to kill their economy and frighten the tourists away with their jihadism. Let the bombings begin! Islam creates failure. If you are Muslim reading this: “COME TO FAILURE!”