UK: Muslims warned it is a ‘sin’ to eat the steak pie in the Asda cafe because it contains ale

Dr Musharraf Hussain

Dr Musharraf Hussian, the chief imam at the Karimia Institute, in Bobbers Mill, said: “Eating or drinking things that are forbidden by mistake is neither a sin nor something to kick a fuss about.

“It is a mistake that should not be made next time.”

Sheikh Nunu Miah, treasurer at the Shah Poran Islamic Centre, in Hyson Green, added: “If a Muslim eats it unknowingly then they are not guilty, but if they are aware that ale is in the pie before eating it, it is a sin.”

This comes after a converted Muslim told of her disgust following tasting ale in her pie at a supermarket café.

Amanda Critchlow was tucking into a pie labelled as being a steak pie on the menu at Asda, in Holles Street, Grimsby, when her daughter Rebecca sampled a piece and noticed something was not right with the meal…