UK Born Daddy Jihadi & 3 Sons Stripped Of British Citizenship

Theresa May exiles British-born family whose daughter went to fight for jihadists in Syria

A British-born father and three of his sons, all accused of being Islamist extremists with ties to al-Qaeda, have been exiled by Theresa May because of the threat to national security.
They are believed to be the first British family to be collectively stripped of their citizenship since Mrs May took over in 2010 and the father said the decision was ‘tearing our family apart’.

The father admitted his daughter had gone to fight in Syria with her husband, a known jihadist, but denied the terrorism allegations levelled at him.

  • Rosenmops

    It’s a start. Now get rid of the rest of them and stop letting more in.

  • ed

    smoke and mirrors .just remember the illegal migrant that was given the right to stay in the uk by a judge ” as he had a pet cat ” that is a true verdict by the judge and mr, cat lover is still here on full welfare payments ,!!!!!