This is who we are fighting for – Sunni Mufti of Iraq: We Are Not Stupid Enough to Fight ISIS. The Shiite Will Slaughter Us

Our stalwart Ally! In a recent TV interview, Sunni Mufti of Iraq Rafi’ Taha Al-Rifa’i said: “We are not stupid enough to start internal [Sunni] fighting only so that the [Shiite] militias can come and slaughter us.” The interview aired on the Egyptian Sada Al-Balad TV channel on December 4, 2014.

  • DMB

    The one thing Islam seeks out the most is war and they are most certainly not the smartest people in the world.

    • Well that’s one thing in our favour.

      • Solo712

        Really ? If Americans were really smart they would have invaded Saudi Arabia, took over the oil fields and run the place like McArthur ran Japan 1945-1951. But then if you are stupid why would you fight a very short winning war and make a pile of money in oil profit, when you can fight two long losing ones and pay a trillion dollars for the privilege ?

        • We will have to learn the hard way how to win wars again.

    • Rosenmops

      I think that dog bowl on his head is a bit too tight.

    • The Goat

      That and goats.

  • David

    It would be a shame to nuke so many “innocent” civilians.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      “And he destroyed these cities, and all the country about, all the inhabitants of the cities, and all things that spring from the earth.”

      Genesis 19:25

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    He hopes the croc eats him last.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    ISIS vs. the Shiite militias: pass the nachos!

    • Yup, we have no business there beyond selling weapons to each side.

  • They are beyond crazy.

    • Frau Katze

      Let them sort this out on their own!

    • And we’re defending them.

  • disqus_omtDhqWCVP


    Don’t put yourself down.

    I am certain you are “…..Stupid Enough to Fight ISIS.”

    Give it a try.

    Your virgins are getting restless.

    Mickey Oberman

  • simus1

    But isn’t isis a fake sunni deal run by Joos from the Mossad?
    These real sunni people won’t fight against people totally insulting islamia?
    Shame! Shame!