Rome’s mafia scandal could lead to breakdown of law and order, says Vatican

The political fallout from Rome’s latest mafia scandal broadened as the Vatican expressed concern at the breakdown of law and order in the country.

It emerged last week that mafia gangsters, corrupt politicians and a former one-eyed terrorist had made millions of euros exploiting migrants and gipsies through a criminal web that rigged government contracts and embezzled funds intended for refugees and migrant centres.

The Vatican’s second-in-command, Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, said the latest episode had provoked “great concern” and that society was doomed if there was a breakdown in the rule of law.

“How can you not be worried? A society that does not pay attention to lawfulness is a society destined to give the strongest supremacy to trample over the weakest,” said Cardinal Parolin.

Police arrested 37 people last Tuesday, on charges of extortion, corruption, money laundering and embezzlement…