Palin/Nugent 2016?

UltimateClassicRock just spotted something interesting on Ted Nugent’s Facebook page…

  • Blacksmith

    Not sure what to think here. I think they both have their heads on a little straighter than the current admin.

  • Maggat

    A damn sight better than the current administration, of course that doesn’t take a lot. Micky and Minny Mouse would be head and shoulder above this bunch.

  • Reader

    And now for a quiet live musical interlude from Ted Nugent and friends
    Ok. Not so quiet.

  • bverwey

    I’d get on board with that ticket were I eligible to vote. Oh wait I don’t need to eligible … sorry don’t have a photo ID.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Nugent was a failed singer and now he only caters to the gun culture. Nothing sums up angry white culture than a Ted Nugent figure. The US is in a death-spiral because all the US knows is war, greed, ignorance, unilingual people and frankly a country built on fear and anger. Populism of the far-right is useless because it would only create a “dominionist” foreign policy which exists already in the US and would cut even more from people who have no disposable incomes whatsoever. The US is hollowed out and many should remember the recession from 2001 to 2004. That recession allowed the low interest rate policies to fester and the times after 9/11 to present have resulted in the US being a shadow of its former glory. I fail to see how trickle down meaning neoliberalism can last anymore than it already has. It is time for a new economics that keeps the good parts of capitalism but removes the tax cuts cure all part of capitalism.

    Jesse Ventura and Ralph Nader are the ones I hope will run and win!

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      The US needs economic nationalism not economic liberalism!

    • Freedom

      Ted Cruz for President

    • David

      Then you are an idiot.

    • occupant 9

      Hmmm, seems Nugent’s “failed singer” act worked out pretty well for him.

      The USA is in a death spiral that has been accelerated by Marxist believers effing with a once free market. The current vast ignorance of America’s citizen is the result of Leftists controlling schools and media.

      “…all the US knows is war, greed, ignorance, unilingual people and frankly a country built on fear and anger.”

      That’s a special kind of Leftarded drivel. Imagine how few social programs a nation could deliver if it had to support it’s own army instead of relying on the protection of living under the umbrella of America’s superiour firepower.

      Yeah, preserve capitalism by taking out all incentive. If that was the way in Edison’s day, we’d still be living with gas lamps and every so often trying to keep entire cities from burning down.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Oh come they’ve had debts accelerating since the 1970’s since getting off the gold standard. If you don’t know that you should.

        When a nation outsources their manufacturing, all they have left is service sector jobs and high tech manufacturing. The fact is what you call Marxists most would call progressives but you cannot deny that Reagan brought the nation to the far-right by embracing massive corporate welfare, massive cuts and deregulation and tax cuts being the only way to stimulate growth. You are confusing support for small business with free market capitalism.

        Free markets can only exist in an environment where money is not cheap, interest rates are high and not controlled like exists in the West and the monetary system must be backed by some commodity or value. Something like Lincoln’s Greenback which infuriated Europe back in the 1800’s.

        So ya with our current system we cannot survive in the current climate as taxes are placed because people have no disposable income and families are struggling and debts rule our lives and the lives of our governments. People have tolerated this and why the US is the biggest debtor nation in the existence of humanity.

        It has nothing to do with being communist or not. It has to do with societies being run poorly and societies being run where debt runs rampant and where people have to take on more debt and there is no social mobility. Kind of like a fascist state.

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          I would argue Nixon was more liberal than Obama but that is my opinion as the US still funded education and social programs even more back then.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      You forgot the aliens.

    • G

      Wow, what an obvious and pathetic attempt at trolling.

    • Clink9

      All that, plus the voices in your head. You must be tired out little fella.

  • ray

    Why would she even speak to the Draft dogging chicken Hawk?

  • mauser 98

    Palin quit her job as governor soon after being elected re book and Fox $$ deal.
    cost taxpayers $$millions

    would not vote for her.
    this will make obots scream

    • occupant 9

      She “quit” due to a number of frivolous lawsuits against her that would have tied up her administration and derailed her from governing. To omit the work of the left in her resignation is to miss the point intentionally and toe the Leftarded line about her being some form of quitter.

      Now, what about Obama who “quit” his senator job (that he never performed) to run for POTUS? Was he not elected and did that not cost taxpayers?

      So, you’re mad Palin marketed herself and made money. Good for her!

      I’d vote for her in a nanosec.

      • mauser 98

        tied her up? hire some flunk lawyer to handle it
        nothing derailed her from a hundred TV interviews , speaking guest.
        sure bias media hounded her unfairly. . one knob rented house next door to her to spy with binoculars.
        ..and big $$$ money deal had nothing to do with quitting?

        . Obummer never would be Pres with same coverage. illegal status would be exposed

        • occupant 9

          I doubt any politician garnered the amount of hate directed at Palin. She became a national figure and there was demand for her, so that, in a free market, she turned the hate into money – doesn’t bother me; lots more serious stuff abounds.

          True, had Obama been honestly investigated, he would not be POTUS and the Dems would/should have been devastated for producing such a sinister fraud as their candidate.

          • mauser 98

            and those who voted for her can drop dead,she quit.
            if she can’t take that heat how could she be POTUS?
            GOP nomination battles,press , would be far worse
            stay out of kitchen
            Ted should stay in Texas
            Palin is simply not qualified

          • occupant 9

            I respectfully disagree. She achieved much for Alaskans until the Left understood her as the threat she is to them.

            Using Obama, who we all know is a fantastic genius and perhaps the best public speaker who has ever spoke (this is only since the beginning of time) as a metric, Palin is vastly overqualified.

            But if you prefer to maintain the mantra that is championed on the Left, for the Left, by the Left, you’ll be welcome on the Left, because the Left ONLY cares about this one point in her career; they care not, like you apparently, for the good she did for her constituents … this one point wipes it all away coz the Left says so.

            But again Obama resigned as Senator to run for POTUS and I still can’t hear you give a shit about that, even in passing.

          • mauser 98

            i never heard of Soetoro when he quit
            if Palin is Potus and another book, TV deal comes around will she quit again?
            Trey Gowdy for POTUS

          • simus1

            Gov Palin has zero respect for or fear of the corrupt rent seekers and corrupt pols in Washington and Alaska who regarded the state as their personal patronage trough and political playground. She was elected by the disgusted people of Alaska to give those crooks a haircut and that she did.
            What is really fascinating is that by word and deed she was easily the most openly pro Canadian gov in American history but this cut no slack with the Canadian left who ferociously attacked her vice presidential run in full crazy mode, just like their marxists buddies in the US.
            Finally I am totally convinced she was picked by the RINO back room to ensure McCain was DEFEATED by Obama. Her successful campaigning was not what they expected or wanted, and they soon got busy sabotaging her every way possible.

  • David

    Aint it great to see so many Palin haters here. Just like maher who called her a c__t . Feel proud.

  • tom_billesley

    Palin/Nugent sounds a bit like Mosin-Nagant.

    • Drunk_by_Noon