New Republic’s Crisis Started with Leftward Shift

Former publisher Marty Peretz lamented in 2013 that the magazine he sold to Facebook guru Chris Hughes–a key social media operative in Barack Obama’s rise to power—had moved in a nakedly partisan direction, away from its traditional center-left liberalism: “The magazine wasn’t supposed to be a White House siphon….The magazine now seems to live in a space where those ‘little insurrections of the mind’ are unwelcome.

“It is akin to the atmosphere in many colleges and universities: There are prevailing orthodoxies but they aren’t recognized as such. Mr. Obama himself is the main one.

“The president is an object of fealty at the New Republic in a way that Woodrow Wilson and even Franklin Roosevelt never were,” Peretz wrote in the Wall Street Journal.

He also voiced concern about the magazine’s increasing drift towards the left’s emerging anti-Israel orthodoxy…

  • winniec

    For the Leftard cultural Marxists, the Pallies are cute little anti-colonial ‘noble savages’ they can use to destroy Western Civilization. Facts are unimportant.
    ‘Noble savages’ are officially designated victims who are exploited for Marxist propaganda and disinformation. The purpose of the propaganda is to elect more Leftards. There are no facts to support the theory of the ‘Oppressed Pally People’, because there never was a Pally people. There were Arabs in Upper and Lower Syria who were more or less the same group of nomads. 80% of those who self-identify as ‘Pallies’ have Jewish DNA and are descended from Jews forcibly converted under the Ottoman empire.

  • simus1

    The red fascists in the US look out at academe coast to coast and are pleased, no, very pleased, with the “progress being made” and the huge useless financial sinkhole most of it represents.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I was a longtime subscriber to the New Republic when Peretz was the publisher. I miss him very much.

  • Enkidu

    “The magazine wasn’t supposed to be a (Democrat) White House siphon….” Really??? I never saw it as anything but.

    NB, “(Democrat)” is my insertion, not in original text.