Muslim wanted for alleged terrorist acts arrested at Trudeau Airport

Officers with the Sûreté du Québec arrested a man on Sunday after he deplaned at Pierre Trudeau International Airport. There was a warrant for the man’s arrest on terrorism-related charges.

Nejib Belhaj-Chtioui, 36, had just returned to Montreal from a trip to Tunisia.

He is to appear before a judge on Monday. He faces charges of transmitting information that could lead to terrorist acts.

The investigation into this man began in May 2011, said SQ spokeswoman Audrey-Ann Bilodeau.

  • The Goat

    How do you say irony in both official languages?

  • mobuyus

    Canada has the most privileged welfare bums mankind has ever seen.Once ya leave a shit-hole and come here there should be no going back,on vacation or to study the Koran or to look for a bride.Practicing muslims do not belong on airplanes.We do not need these parasites here.

  • winniec

    There are tens of thousands like this terrorist who misunderstand Islam as jihad, aren’t there? Maybe Trudeau can help them learn to live in a cave in winter?

    • ntt1

      At what point do the “misunderstanders ‘ of islam become the majority and create their own realism of what islam really is? could the pacifist muslims ,if they even exist, be the “misunderstanders?

    • Many many millions of misunderstanders.