Sikh Headteacher at ‘Trojan horse plot’ school claims he was pushed out by Muslim governors for giving children British values

A Sikh headteacher who ran a school at the centre of an alleged ‘Trojan Horse’ plot said today he was forced out because he was ‘giving children British values’.

Balwant Bains claims he had to leave Saltley School in Birmingham after suffering a campaign of ’emotional harassment’ spearheaded by Muslim governors.

Mr Bains, who was put on gardening leave and then decided to quit, opposed plans by Muslim governors to scrap sex education lessons and introduce only Halal meat, from animals killed in line with the Koran’s teachings, for school meals.

The headteacher, which helped his school get record GCSE results in 2013, says he was accused of Islamophobia and racism after he tried to discipline a Muslim pupil who threatened other students with a knife.