Greenfield: Max Blumenthal: Too Extreme for German Commies, Just Right for the New York Times

How bad is the New York Times?

A party of East German Commies gave Max Blumenthal the boot for being a bigot. The left-wing Forward called his book the “I Hate Israel” handbook. His colleague at The Nation said it could have been put out by “The Friends of Hamas Book Club.”

One of Blumenthal’s smears about Israel was picked up by the Neo-Nazi gunman responsible for the Kansas City Jewish community center shootings…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Blumenthal fits right in at the Times, which has become more like Der Sturmer than the paper of record.

    • UCSPanther

      I have said before that the New York Times has always had a dodgy moral compass.

      They allegedly had a pro-Nazi slant during WWII and allegedly tried half-heartedly to deny the holocaust after its true extent was discovered. They were also opposed to the formation of Israel, and have consistently sided with the Palestinian cause since.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Not really ‘allegedly’. Though technically they didn’t deny the Holocaust, they simply never covered it at all. They weren’t so much pro-Nazi as they were antisemitic. Sulzberger was famously an antisemite and antizionist who in later life freely admitted he longer believed he was even a Jew. Even Henry Mencken himself a borderline Jew hating Jew commented often at how bizarre and hateful the Times official slant was. The Times actively suppressed information about the Holocaust, about the camps and went after people who tried to get the word out. After all they were the Times they could print anything. The Times was also key in getting Sumner Welles, the senior US State Department staffer in charge of Jewish refugee issues fired under a cloud of a sex scandal by hinting he was gay in 1943 (and a ‘race traitor’ accusing him of soliciting sex from black men).