Feminisim as an imperialist tool

In a recent CNN interview, religion scholar Reza Aslan was asked by journalist Alisyn Camerota if Islam is violent given the “primitive treatment in Muslim countries of women and other minorities.”

Aslan responded by stating that the conditions for women in Muslim majority countries vary.

While women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia, elsewhere in various Muslim majority countries, women have been elected heads of states 7 times…

How is it that people like Camerota and Lemon, who very likely have never travelled to “free and open” Turkey, Lebanon or Bangladesh, or read the scholarship on women’s rights struggles in Morocco, Iran and Egypt, seem to know with complete certainty that women are treated “primitively” in “Muslim countries”?

On what basis does Lemon believe that he has the authority to call Aslan out for supposed dishonesty?…

The answer lies in a ubiquitous, taken-for-granted ideological framework that has been developed over two centuries in the West.

This framework, referred to by scholars as colonial feminism, is based on the appropriation of women’s rights in the service of empire…

  • number

    As a western woman, i can’t be bothered with Islamic females. I’m bored of them lol just like their husbands. They rant, protest, wine, burp and fart.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …don’t forget that strange yodelling…

  • I got bored muddling my way through this plodding, pseudo-intellectual narrative that feminists “of colour” put out. I will say this: fat white liberal feminists don’t care about genuine abuses of women in Islamic countries and Islamist feminists would rather Western ideas of human dignity disappear.

  • Fran800

    I don’t like Muslim women at all. I can’t stand the way they choose to dress — and in the West, they certainly do choose it, except for a few who want to assimilate.
    Haven’t there been at least three Muslim women in Canada who have gone to court to insist on their right to remain veiled in certain conditions?
    One was that woman in the Quebec French class who insisted on the whole class turning their backs on her if she took her veil off for a few minutes.
    One was that woman in Toronto who went to the Supreme Court for the right to remain veiled in court when she gave evidence against a man — she insinuated that the whole court, judge, lawyers, court officials, were potential sexual predators, the bitch.
    Another one is suing over taking the veil off for five minutes to swear an oath.
    These are not the actions of poor, submissive, oppressed little things. This is passive aggression directed against US. I detest these creatures. Their attitude is “I know I’m freaking you out, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

    • They’re oppressed, certainly. But, you know, Stockholm syndrome and all that.

      Everyone here seems to be on the same page. I’m just sick of this crap. Go spend your life walking around in a black bag like a subhuman freak if you want but not here. There are any number of godawful countries you can go to to wallow in your sad, crazy culture.

    • sabrina

      Reverse oppression. They really think they’re safe in free west? We’ll always snear behind their sacks ..

      whisper”check out the noddy head garb”

      and yet, they still insist escaping their defunct culture from the middle east

    • Actually, your point about “freaking (people) out” is interesting. I tried to explain this on Arab News a few days ago. The full niqab/burqa is creepy as hell to Westerners. (To its credit, Arab News is usually much braver about publishing dissenting comments than, say, the U.S. alphabet networks, and given that Saudi is an absolute monarchy with no established legal code that’s impressive.)


  • Linda1000

    Well, after watching this video, I’m thinking maybe Saudi has a legitimate concern.
    Cowtown’s very own worst woman driver ever, lmao. No idea if this woman is a muslim but she may as well have a face veil on as she doesn’t seem to be able to see very well.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Even the lowly wharf rat knows what freedom is, and seeks it. Does that sharmuta in blue? Not likely….stupider than rats?

    • Donna

      This comparision is insulting. Rats are very intelligent creatures. Also, recent studies have shown rats to be capable of sympathy for their fellow rats. Given the choice, most rats will free a fellow rat from confinement -even if this introduces competition for treats.