Endless Immigration into America: The Muslim Aberrant Connection: Muslim worldview totally incompatible with Western thought

As you read this series, it dawns on you that your country, the United States of America, cannot and will not survive the next added 100,000,000 (million) legal immigrants for a variety of reasons.

Your quality of life and standard of living, and most certainly your children’s futures must decline with the sheer numbers. They face horrific consequences from overcrowded cities and degraded living conditions from A to Z.

But the one aspect of mass immigration that few understand grows more ominous daily: immigrants from the Middle East and Africa carry with them a religion that expects to dominate the world—Islam.

Its leaders remain dogged in their pursuit of world domination by Islam…

  • nostradamas

    ……Today, with seven million Muslims inhabiting America, they fled their lands where freedom of speech, religion, press, dress, lifestyle; sexual choice and life-mate choice stand against every aspect of the Koran. Yet, their leaders, when gaining more power via population, will vote Sharia Law into place in America. It’s already occurring in Europe, Canada and Australia.

    what is the point in a vote? A majority population eg Islam will topple America drawing it into its next civil war.

    The korn against the infidels. The great war.

  • Sir Barrington Minge

    Agreed, If they wanted Sharia Law they could just have stayed at home. Just goes to prove that Islam is all about subjugation through aggression and not about peace

    • JUILLE

      We “infidels”know what needs to be done to eradicate the spread of this cancer called Islam.We need to support leaders that are ready to step forward and take the necessary measures needed to stop this cult.I slam the door on Islam.