Canadian Muslim newspaper praises shul massacre

TORONTO — A local Arab-language newspaper’s praising of the synagogue massacre in the Har Nof neighbourhood of Jerusalem, in which four rabbis and a police officer were murdered, is “disgusting, obscene, disgraceful [and] possibly criminal,” says the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

Writing in the Nov. 28 edition of Meshwar, a free newspaper circulated in southwest Ontario, editor Nazih Khatatba approved the Nov. 18 Har Nof massacre as a “courageous and qualitative” operation.

The attack “ushers a new phase which should properly be called the phase of the new Fedayeen, fighters who sacrifice their life in battle,” wrote Khatatba, who is also a board member of Palestine House in Mississauga.

An English translation of Khatatba’s editorial, entitled “al-Quds [Jerusalem] operation and the quiet intifadah,” was provided to CIJA by Jonathan Halevi, a Toronto-based researcher at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and a former advisor to Israel’s foreign affairs ministry.

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    Tossed salad of diversity!

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    Nazih Khatatba is soliciting genocide.

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    Doctor of what?

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    Something doesn’t add up.

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    Mustn’t be Islamic. Better call in John Kerry for a quick consult, just to be sure, though.

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    But it’s the “Religion of Peace™”. Just ask this “member of the faithful”×300.jpg

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    To quote one of my very rude Quebec relatives: Shut er down shi*pump!