Zionism, An Indigenous Struggle: Aboriginal Americans and the Jewish State

In 1968, Palestinian terrorists hijacked an El-Al plane, and got away with it. They used the tactic repeatedly after that, with varying degrees of success. The most infamous incident was the forcing of Air France plane to Entebbe, Uganda, and Israel’s successful rescue of the hostages.

More such rescue operations are required these days, but not of aircraft.  The Palestinians and their Islamist allies have taken to hijacking peoples and causes.  For example, in nineteen seventy five Betty Friedan, a feminist trailblazer, led the American delegation to an International Woman’s Year World Conference.  She was stunned by the conference’s anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.  A 1980 Women’s Conference in Copenhagen had a huge portrait of Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, a man at the forefront of the oppression of women, decorating the conference chamber.

Although Israel is the only place in the Middle East where homosexuals are legally protected from persecution, Toronto’s annual gay pride parade has frequently featured the participation of “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.”  That homosexuals would promote a movement that brutally oppresses them points to the effectiveness of Palestinian hijacking techniques.

The collection of articles in this publication examine the relation between Native American and Jewish issues, focusing on the perceived attempt to hijack the Native American struggle for rights and recognition into the framework of Palestinian suffering.  Native Americans are viewed as the quintessential victims, having suffered genocide, theft of lands and consequent marginalization.  This fits into the casting of the Palestinians as victims of colonialism and oppression.

  • ontario john

    Never fear though, wynne’s Ontario is at the forefront of homosexual sex. With thousands of Christians every year being killed by the religion of peace, and Ontario sliding into third world status, the Sunday Star knows what is really important. Yes the editorial is about homosexual sex and how sports organizations are bravely going into schools to promote gay sex.

  • simus1

    Nothing wrong with paying back those who consented to subsume their narrower less salable interests to help the “more mainstream” easier sell succeed for the overall “good”.
    What’s the famous slogan, “No perverts left behind”?

    As for strange bedfellows, I’m sure both marxists and muslims must have their own ideas on how things should carry on after the destruction of the mainstream Judeo-Christian culture obstructing their plans for absolute unfettered rule over us is finally achieved.

    • Observer

      Muslim leader had no problems supporting Germany’s National Socialist Workers Party, so why should today’s socialists and marxists have problems.

      After all it was Karl Marx who wrote the anti-semitic diatribe “On the Jewish Question” (Zur Judenfrage) in 1843 which many marxists whether explicitly or implicitly still support.

  • SDMatt

    Except the Palestinian’s are the colonizers, with most entering the land of Israel in the last 200 years. From 1870 to 1948 the Arabic population grew by 270%. In 1939 Rooseveldt commented that the immigration of Arabs into Israel far outpaced that of the Jews in the same period.

  • northernont

    Most First Nations people I know are deeply spiritual, mixing Christianity with their traditional beliefs. I once attended a funeral of a First Nation friend I once knew, and the funeral rite was a mix of Catholic and traditional Native spirituality.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I have already read essays by Ryan Bellerose on the meaning of indigenous. His thinking is so crystal clear that nobody to my knowledge has attempted to refute him. I recommend his writings highly.