White America Asks: Where Is the Animus?

From the Great Beer Summit with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to Trayvon Martin and now the Ferguson and Garner cases, white America has once again been taken to the wood shed for not doing enough to eliminate the racial discrimination that has plagued this country since its founding. Problems that continue to beset black communities are the collective fault of white America: residual discrimination and disparagement from the days of slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation – an “internalized” form of racism that white people aren’t consciously aware of. This internalized racism and the problems it gives birth to are further exacerbated by income inequality and the pervasive abuse of power by white police who intentionally violate the civil rights of black Americans within a criminal justice system that is rigged against them.

Face it, white America: you are the problem, and nothing you do to make up for your past sins will work. You are just as bad as South Africa during Apartheid. You are no better than, and in some ways worse than, every military junta, despot, and politburo that ever existed. You continue to have a master-slave mentality.