Senator wants to know why Canada lags on terror convictions

Conservative Sen. Daniel Lang sits by his office window overlooking Parliament Hill and opens a federal report on terrorist financing in Canada. He flips to a graph and jabs his finger at a surging blue line showing a 220-per-cent increase in suspected cases over five years.

Despite that, only a single Canadian has ever been charged and convicted of bankrolling an extremist group.

“What more do we have to do to be able to lay charges?” grumbles Lang. “That’s the question that has to be asked.”

h/t TQ

  • ontario john

    Its very simple. No politician wants to upset all those muslim voters coming into the country. Never mind that those votes are coming from a satanic religion that hates our guts, treats women and minorities like slaves, murders and persecutes anyone who doesn’t believe in their vile faith, and was started by a child molesting, con man who murdered his way to the top.

  • Alain

    He makes a valid point, but I suggest a better question would be why is there no moratorium on Muslim immigration, since that is clearly the only group of immigrants causing the problem. Or as some would say that is the root cause of it all.

  • well! I declare!

    money laundering takes a long time to uncover
    Financial institutions can only alert when Dirty Money LEAVES THEIR institution…
    ….trouble is…
    One financial institution has MANY parts…brokerage, discount brokerage, bank, Trust Co, and many subsections which money can roll around in and get cleaned up
    … if…!!!
    on the other hand…
    you could alert the authorities as soon as it is discovered=it would be quick

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    ““What more do we have to do to be able to lay charges?””
    Well, making Justin PM won’t help, that’s for sure.

  • Raymond Cameron

    They will lay charges as soon as they discover a non-muslim terror plot.