Saudi’s kissing cousins: forced inter-marriages on the rise in the KSA

The kingdom’s courts reported an increase in “tahjeer” cases where the male relative of a woman strikes an agreement with her guardian to marry her without consultation and she is then banned from marrying anyone else, Al-Hayat daily reported.

Courts in the Kingdom confirmed that there were nine cases of tahjeer during the last two years, three of them in the last 40 days.

The National Society for Human Rights General Secretary Khalid Al-Fakhry said tahjeer is a crime against Islamic, international and national law.

“In fact, it is a form of human trafficking where the victim’s freedom, identity and rights are robbed from her,” said Al-Fakhry.

  • Ron MacDonald

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    • I bet that happens too often.

      • ntt1

        maybe this was the genesis of the burka, a literal pig in a poke.

  • Icebow

    A crime against a crime?

  • Just a thought

    If your a poor swimmer, you’re safer at the shallow end of the swimming pool. The opposite for the gene pool. Of course, if you want to keep stupid in the family…

  • Sir Barrington Minge

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