Police betrayed me, says mother of British jihadist jailed for 12 years after she turned him in

At her son’s court case, a judge praised ‘brave’ Ms Sarwar for telling the authorities about his plans, but now she says she was betrayed by the legal system.

Speaking to the Observer, Ms Sarwar said: ‘This is not justice. They said I was doing the right thing, that when my son came back they would try to help, but this terrible sentence – all they have done was to set me against my son.

‘The police say “mothers come forward”, you can trust us, we will help. But now they will see what happened to my son. What kind of person would go to the police if they think their son will get 12 years in prison? Nobody wants to do that. I did not want that.

‘My husband just sits silently most of the time, crying a lot.’