Police betrayed me, says mother of British jihadist jailed for 12 years after she turned him in

At her son’s court case, a judge praised ‘brave’ Ms Sarwar for telling the authorities about his plans, but now she says she was betrayed by the legal system.

Speaking to the Observer, Ms Sarwar said: ‘This is not justice. They said I was doing the right thing, that when my son came back they would try to help, but this terrible sentence – all they have done was to set me against my son.

‘The police say “mothers come forward”, you can trust us, we will help. But now they will see what happened to my son. What kind of person would go to the police if they think their son will get 12 years in prison? Nobody wants to do that. I did not want that.

‘My husband just sits silently most of the time, crying a lot.’

  • YesWeCan

    They do not realize that it is Islam that has betrayed them.

  • ontario john

    I guess she was expecting him to get a teaching job. Well, she should have contacted a university in Canada, who would be happy to hire him.

  • mobuyus

    If the mother wants sympathy she should look in a dictionary,it’s right there between shit and syphilis.

  • MannieP

    She did the right thing. A murderer is in prison. Had she harbored him, she would be as deserving of prison as he is.

  • BenSaj10

    That is what the police did. Help. They helped the rest of us to live in peace.

    • Blacksmith


  • Frau Katze

    I thought this would happen as soon as I read the first story.

  • winniec

    Help my son, but don’t expect him to obey the law of the land. Muslims have a right to break the law…unlike everyone else. ‘We’re special…superior. Jihad is our religious duty…oops, didn’t mean to admit that. D’oh!’

  • Maggat

    Tough titty lady, you and your worthless husband raised him. “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.

  • correcht

    Well lady, he is still alive, not buried or crucified in some milsum (sic) (something backward) hole

  • tom_billesley

    Ex-Gitmo detainee Moazzam Begg spent time incarcerated at Belmarsh with these two
    [Link] Sky News 5 Dec 2014

    Mr Begg also believes, from his conversations with the young men, that neither were radicalised in Syria but “what may radicalise them is going to be the experience of what Britain did to them when they came back”

  • AKAHorace

    Actually she is right. The security services should offer reduction of sentences for people who turn relatives in. How likely is it that someone will do this again after what she has said ?

    Another good example is the Walker family case. John Barron published a book that fellates the FBI, but when you read the book you realize that the key event is that the ex-wife of the spy turned him in. Her reward was to see her soon sent to prison for a very long time.

    If we cannot allow the security services to be too cruel for human rights reasons, we can give them the option of softening the law. This makes us safer and our society more humans.

    • AKAHorace

      sorry that should be “our society more humane”

    • Minicapt

      Her son got 12 years, not life without parole. Perhaps the ‘security services’ may have been too sensitive and caring when firm correction is indicated.


  • Blacksmith

    ‘My husband just sits silently most of the time, crying a lot.’
    Well you should both be crying over what a poor job you did raising him to respect life and freedom, he got what he deserved.