Man who matches description of Lena Dunham’s alleged rapist to sue

A man who matches the description of Lena Dunham’s alleged rapist has set up a legal fund to defend his reputation and prepare for a law suit against the Girls creator, a report claims.

Ms Dunham, 28, dedicates a chapter of her book, Not That Kind Of Girl, to a ‘flamboyant Republican conservative’ that she met at Oberlin College in Ohio identified as ‘Barry’, who she claims raped her after a party.

Subsequent reports found a man named Barry One fits the description.

After numerous failed attempts to get Ms Dunham to remove the passage or openly clear his name, One’s attorney Aaron Minc reveals a fund has been set up to gather costs to defend his reputation. 


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        Seriously we appreciate not having to see the piece of human garbage. Thank you.

  • Just another feminist with a chip on her shoulder.

    More pablum please.

    • That’s because we support the patriarchy’s rape culture – especially on Liberal College campuses where it is at its most rampant.

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        Good point. If progressiveness is the answer shouldn’t there be zero rapes on the most progressive Liberal Arts College campuses..?..

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          Yes, but the beta liberal men and the protected classes are the most likely to commit rapes.

  • Alleena

    Breitbart ran an article which said that there was a conservative named Barry at Oberlin, but he did not fit the description in Lena Dunham’s book. He has never met Lena.. So he does not match the description in Lena’s book.

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  • WhiteRabbit3

    Interesting case given the ambiguity of who Dunham was referring to. No doubt there is considerable case law on how to deal with such situations.
    There’s a lesson here: if you’re going to smear someone, you should either be precise about who it is and have evidence to back it up, or be completely vague about who it is so that no one call yell “Defamation!”. Half way doesn’t work.

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      rotten fruit, better. But I still prefer what BCF chose to go with.

  • Pete_Brewster

    All monies not used to clear Barry One’s name, it says here, will be donated to non-profits assisting victims of sexual assault.

    May I suggest a reputable men’s rights group get the surplus instead? Women scorned have more than their share of “advocates.”

  • tom_billesley

    UK media usually describes someone as “flamboyant” when they mean gay.
    Who was raping whom?

    • I would fight Lena Dunham with my last breath.

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        If she landed on you, it would be your last.


  • David Murrell

    Good article here, and good research by Breitbart news. The problem is is that few, if any, other media are picking up on the story — yet in some ways this is bigger than U. of Virginia’s hoax, since there is a major book published in the former case, with the media adoring the crooked author (who received $2.7-mil for lying.

    The Oberlin hoax deserves a full airing.

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    Secondly, if she must be sued, let it first be for being a fat, unpleasant, unfunny, dreadful pervert. THEN sue her for defamation.

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    Harlots for fame should be these womens motto

  • I cannot be the only person who’s convinced that Dunham was abused as a child. Self mutilation? Check. Look at those tats. History of eating disorders? She’s apparently talked about it. Acting out sexually with other children? I think we’ve covered that. Compulsively exhibitionistic? This chick seems to take some sort of horrible pleasure in being the only 20-something female on TV who has everyone yelling “please put some clothes on!” (Well, there’s always Miley Virus, of course.) No sense of sexual boundaries? She doesn’t know that a bad date isn’t rape and she doesn’t see anything wrong with touching up her little sister (and that is not the extent of her weird behaviour towards the kid).

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    I hope he takes her for every penny and then some.