I have no idea why…

Translation – “Taiwan-style nuclear burning firecracker”


    Other than to say: “Look at that conflagration!”, I’m not sure why you would do this.

    • glasnost

      Standard procedure for funeral or wedding, no permit required (for the fireworks).

    • Jason

      Why not? It’s great fun! My Mom never let me play with matches ….

      • It’s all fun and games until someone gets a firecracker right in the eye.

      • Just a thought

        No sane parent lets their kids play with matches, but we managed to anyway. Thankfully we didn’t cause any damage, though there was that one close call… (which is why we don’t let our kids play with matches).

    • I lived in Taiwan for 15 months. They like to celebrate lots of “holidays”. Fireworks are quite common.

      The video had a posting date of Feb 15, 2014. Chinese New Year was on Jan 31 2014. This was most likely only a small fraction of a lot of other larger displays.

      • Awesome.

        I didn’t see such displays when I lived in South Korea.


  • Just a thought
  • Minicapt

    Charles Sousa now plans for a new Budget Speech for the spring session.


  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I like the Bottle Rocket contests…

  • ntt1

    spotted a fair few duds .

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s good to have socially approved occasions to go ka-boom and burn stuff up. Very relaxing.