How to cut police spending: Britain’s 20 per cent solution

Somewhere in rural Norfolk county, a volunteer is standing at a village intersection with a speed gun so a police officer doesn’t have to.

In other parts of England and Wales, unpaid civilians are unlocking stations in the morning, gardening outside divisions, exercising police dogs, even handling basic forensic work at crime scenes.

  • G

    How DARE you imply that police budgets could be cut! (Harrumph, snort, bluster -fart)

    Don’t you know that only highly trained, highly paid, steroid enhanced superheroes can operate a speed gun?
    How can we possibly be expected to maintain our Hollywood inspired stereotype if ordinary peons start doing our jobs!!!???

  • Well the UK government has spent all its money re-engineering the social make up of the country. What’s new. They had to run out of money sometime.

  • simus1

    Simple numbers like the number of bodies on staff and budgets needed to sustain them reveal very little. Crime rates, crime category clearance rates, prison sentences, and organized crime take downs tell the real tales. The number of people showing up at Emergency over time along with the count of new stab and bullet holes they have managed to acquire about their persons is good data as well.

    The London numbers tend to suggest massive overmanning at all levels and starvation of capital budgets. Could be there is just a huge cohort shortly headed for retirement which skews everything.

  • BG

    Yeah, getting people to work for free is a great way to save money. The next step after that of course is forcing them to work for free. And since law enforcement is a service that people need, and this is basically telling them that the service, which they pay for through their tax dollars, is unsustainable unless they do some of the work themselves, for free, it’s really not that far off. Way to go, Britain.
    And apparently, according to the article and the comments posted after it, there are some fools who support importing that sort of thing here. To them I say, you go ahead and do the work of the police for free, because I’m damn sure not.

  • disqus_sRQwVYwiEu

    History since WWII suggests that London needs a high ratio of Police to Civilian population. Race Riots, Union Riots, IRA Terrorist attacks and Middle eastern mostly Islamic Terrorist attacks lately. You need your coppers until you can clean your societal act up.