Grand Theft Auto fans call on Target to stop selling ‘misogynistic’ Bible: Gamers fight back in war to get game back on shelves

If you’re not going to sell Grand Theft Auto (GTA) because of its ‘adult’ content then prepare for a backlash of biblical proportions.

Furious gamers are demanding that if Target and Kmart are going to pull the R-rated game from their shelves then they should do the same to the Bible as well.

Target decided to scrap sales of the popular game after an online petition slammed it for encouraging players to ‘commit sexual violence and kill women’.

The petition, authored by former sex workers, has so far attracted almost 40,000 signatures.

It says the ‘sickening game’ encourages players to kill prostitutes and calls on Target to stop selling it. But the gamers have argued that the Bible’s content is much, much worse…