France: Two adorable Muslim children attack little girl because Islam is at war with the Jews

Kid’s say the darnedest things! Nb – Google translate

According to various sources a little Jewish girl was attacked by two Muslim kids 8 and 9 years old because she was Jewish. The two kids from North African Muslim families justified this anti-Semitic attack, stating that “Muslims are at war against the Jews! do you even lift

RTL journalist who was learning the info online, trying to minimize the scope of this act, dares to ask the question: “Is it anti-Semitism, or sophomoric joke? Do you even lift!

Clearly our brave journalist folds “with orders from above” do quickly silence about the facts that disturb “good souls” right thinking, and that involve -once more- of Islam and its basic texts .dropoff window And Muslim families which have likely taught hate speech against Jews, as these are not two kids 8 and 9 years who invented only that “Muslims are at war against the Jews” …

Both kids and their families virtually risk anything, except perhaps the “big eyes” of a prosecutor and a shouting match for form … by cons, all these people will be welcomed as a hero in the mosque (or Koranic school) he frequents.

= Lyon Rhône Gaza? and soon Créteil = Ramallah sur Seine we’re almost there!

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I wonder where those kids could have got those crazy notions?