Fans fear for the life of Swiss satirist Andreas Thiel – “Mohammed was a mass murderer and molester”

“The excesses of violence murdering Muslims had nothing to do with the Koran. The scripture is peaceful and full of goodness. This is wrong. The Koran is a single call to violence, a guide for war and oppression. When I read the book, I was shocked. A pamphlet by Andreas Thiel”

Things are quiet so far, story here at Focus,  and Copts Without Limits but Google Translate is a tough slog.

Die Weltwoche is a Swiss Humour/Satirical magazine founded in 1933.

h/t Copts Without Limits

  • DMB

    As much as I agree with what the satirist had posted about Islam and Mohammed what he should have done with posted the article under an alias unless he was sure that authorities would apprehend those who are making death threats against him. Also he should be concerned about the potential of authorities arresting him for posting “hate” by criticizing Islam & Mohammed. Unless he is certain that these potential threats against him will be avoided using your real name should be avoided when making truly honest condemnations of Islam.

    • The EU is caving to Islam lawfare will probably result.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The Swiss have already prohibited their Muslims from erecting minarets.

    • moraywatson


  • ontario john

    The inevitable riots and killings will soon occur over the piece. It might interfere with the traditional persecution of Christians during this Christmas season. Perhaps muslims can set up a sort of schedule so as not to confuse things. The media could help in that regards.

    • I wonder, Charlie Hebdo faced a subdued “public” reaction the last time they insulted the Mohammed the Psychopath. The outrage is almost always a deliberately staged political ploy. If anything he will be targeted in a small scale operation, riots and the threat of violence are likely considered politically unsuitable at this time.

  • Sir Barrington Minge

    Oh…you can’t say things against’s not allowed!!

  • winniec

    Mohammedans are constant liars. They assure kafirs that Mohammed married Aisha (forced marriage) when she was 19 (without evidence), denying all the ‘authenticated’ hadiths that she consummated this marriage at the age of 9. Then, they pass laws validating marriage in Muslim countries from the age of 9.
    Very curious. What do they REALLY believe? You be the judge. Pedophilia is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

  • Harold Harry Francis Callahan

    ‘Die Weltwoche is a Swiss Humour/Satirical magazine founded in 1933.’