December 7, 1941, A Day Which Shall Live in Infamy

And NO, the correct salutation for December 7 is NEVER “Happy Pearl Harbor Day”.

I’ll post some analysis later today on what the real Japanese objective of the attack was, what it meant to achieve, and where the Japanese Imperial Navy screwed up royally. Yes, the American forces were caught sleeping, to an extent, but not entirely, and the curious way that surprise likely SAVED countless American lives.
Click on photographs to ’embiggen’ them.

Photograph taken from a Japanese aircraft in the opening moments of the first wave of the attack.

Another photograph (later annotated) showing placement of American battleships

The Japanese aerial battle plan (that was mostly followed to the letter) showing routs of attacking aircraft.

  • I look forward to your post.

  • marty_p

    In a perverse way, Pearl Harbour was the best thing that happened in WW2. It forced the Americans off the fence into an active role in the war. Without the American might (industrial and manpower) I don’t think the British Empire and her allies could have defeated the Nazis.

    • winniec

      Indeed. The Japanese invited the USA to defeat them.

    • Xavier

      Even with the U.S. involved, there were a couple very unsure years at the beginning. Many today don’t realize how close the war really was, and what was at stake.

    • Exile1981

      Churchill is quoted as saying when he heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor he felt sad for all the people who were about to be dragged into the warm but he also felt hope and relief because he knew that the US industrial might would turn the war.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      This is why conspiracy nuts claim that Roosevelt either staged this or at the very least knowingly allowed it to happen.

      • Solo712

        Call me a nut but I believe that FDR, Hopkins and Stimson orchestrated the economic blockade of Japan with the express purpose of provoking war with that country. The telling story is that of continued stalling on a meeting with the moderate PM Konoye in Anchorage in September-October, This infuriated the the hawks inTokyo and Tojo became the new head of government. With him, it was only a matter of time before Japan struck. The US forces in the Pacific were under orders not to shoot first. FDR desired that Japan commit the first overt act of war.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          The intent was not to force them into war, but quite the opposite. It was to cut off their supply of oil in the hopes that they would give up their conquest of Manchuria and play nicely.
          We didn’t expect them to go psychotic over an oil and scrap metal embargo.
          Who knew they would be such dicks about it?

          • Solo712

            You need to go back to your history books. Manchuria (Manchukuo was formally independent) was in Japan’s orbit since 1931 and wasn’t even part of the talks. The oil embargo and freezing of Japan’s asset was a response to Japan’s continued attacks on the Chiang’s Kuomintang in China and (especially) to the invasion of French (Vichy) Indochina in July 1941. FDR and buddies wanted to go to war against the Axis before Hitler and the Japs gobbled up much of the continents. Remember, this was 1941 – no one was betting a plugged nickel on Stalin’s ability to withstand Hitler.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Manchuria was in Japan’s “orbit” because they invaded them in 1931.
            Look up the “Mukden Incident” and the “Stimson Doctrine” and get back to me about how it was not “part of the talks”.

  • winniec

    Fine, sensible Japanese people opposed this delusional, catastrophic war, but their fascist government overruled the voices of reason, enflamed by the Japanese version of the master race theory.
    Islam has a similar ‘master religion’ theory that allegedly gives them the right to slaughter, abuse, torture, steal, rape, lie to, behead and subjugate people of the ‘wrong’ religion or none.
    Islam has many similarities to the Shinto cult of Japan that brought Japanese into this insane project!

  • Pete_Brewster

    And yet, in less than four years, every major city in Japan save Kyoto had been bombed to the ground, its navy and air force destroyed, and Japan’s elite forced to choose between unconditional surrender or suicide. And this was done with 1940’s technology.

    Today, were we ruled by people serious about winning wars, Dar al-Islam could have been reduced to radioactive ash within hours of 9/11. If it was revolutionary suicide Islam wants, we are today in a position to grant it to them without risking a hair on a Christian’s head. Why haven’t we?

    • Xavier

      Fear of world opinion on collateral damage, partly.

  • phuque uguugle

    The president knew and allowed it to happen.All the evidence is available.The same thing happened with Australia and the Bali Bomb,Public opinion went from anti war to pro war overnight.Again all the evidence is available.Both incidents were tragedies but useful to the powers that be.