Bad Lessons: Learning With Closed Eyes

Twenty five years ago a lone gunman walked into the École Polytechnique engineering school in Montreal, ordered the men to leave, and shot fourteen women. It was a traumatic experience, not just for the victims and their families, but for all of Canadian society.

Two and a half decades later, we still look back in astonishment, trying to understand how such a thing happened. We try to make it into a teaching experience, so that at least we’ve gained the ability to avoid repeating the tragedy. Intellectuals, editorialists point to our society’s misogyny, and the lack of gun control as the prime lessons.

  • Xavier

    Progressives ignore the changes they have forced onto society that cause these massacres; guns must be blamed instead.

    • It was a horrid incident no question. The progressive reflex makes it worse.

      • It’s a means to an end (did anyone care to mention the threats against baby boys in neo-natal units?). If a Muslim didn’t kill these women, feminists would have waited for another incident to exploit. Feminists don’t have empathy the way others do.

        • The agenda is always the first priority.

        • winniec

          They make a big deal about Lepine because they do not realize he was ‘officially’ a Muslim because the son of Muslim father. Muslims are ‘official designated victims’ that leftards are not permitted to criticize on pains of being kicked out of Cultural Marxism. They beat all European males by using Lepine, not realizing he’s actually a ‘protected victim’ protected by their branch of Marxism.

          • They know. They don’t care. It’s easier to attack Caucasians or Christians than it is to point out the misogyny in Islamism.

    • Frau Katze

      The shooter’s father was Algerian. Never mentioned in the editorials, he changed his name.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …guns and excessive levels of pee-pee hormones.

  • mobuyus

    All it would have taken is a few men to rush the jumoka.Sure a couple of them may have been shot or maybe not you never know.I was taught to advance on a gun and run from a knife,not to abandon to death my sisters.

    • winniec

      Run from both.

      • mobuyus

        Running from a gun increases the risk of being shot in the back.Given no choice I’d rather take my chances at gaining control of the gun.

  • winniec

    Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi later became Marc Lepine. Rachid Liass Gharbi was his Algerian Muslim father. From his father, Lepine learned the standard Muslim misogyny that is normative Islam. Muslims mistreat their own wives with impunity, but a kafir wife is even worse and her end can be much worse as many kafir women married to Muslims have learned too late!

  • minuteman

    I don’t think Canadian culture was misogynistic in the past, but I think it is becoming that. Feminism has so poisoned the relations between the sexes that more and more men are deciding that a relationship with a woman is not worth the hassle and the heartache and they are checking out of society. Marriage rates are falling, the number of bastard children is rising and the percentage of marriages that end in divorce is sky high. As more male children see their fathers utter destruction in the family law courts the marriage rate will drop even more. What few children we have will be born without the support of fathers. Muslim immigration will be used to keep the population growing and our society will slide into the abyss to be replaced by one based on Sharia. Then the women will see what misogyny really is.
    (I posted this comment on the web site of the linked article.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …maybe folks with muzzle’em backgrounds shouldn’t be allowed the privilege of owning firearms, nor knives any sharper than ones used for butter, or more than 2 1/2 inches long…just sayin’… Look at what they say. Look at what they do. Put 2 and 2 together. It’s all for the safety of our Children. Now who’s against that?